Solutions in biodegradable, recycled, compostable and renewably-based resins.

Reduce | Reuse | Renew


minimize your packaging materials, storage space, shipping weight, carbon footprint, and fossil fuel consumption.


This film is 100% recyclable via store drop-off. Unlike other bio-resins, this is a #4 recyclable product.


We sourced strictly from sugarcane byproducts. Sugarcane can fully mature within 12-16 months, while trees used for the paper need 5-10 years.


Unlike standard polyethylene, our sugarcane resin is extracted from a 100% renewable source. After sugarcane juice has been expelled, you are left with pulp, a waste product usually burned off. Instead, we can ferment and distill this pulp into ethanol; in an ethanol form, we can then dehydrate it to create ethylene to be processed into bio-polyethylene. The sugarcane bagasse is then burned to generate electricity for the manufacturing plant.

Our film is 98% Biobased Certified by the USDA

The material contains very little fossil fuel-based matter, increasing the use of renewable agricultural resources and reducing adverse environmental and health impacts. The products we use mustn’t include food, animal feed, or fuel. This label helps provide transparency for us, our customers, and the end consumers.”

Focused on a greener future…

Our research and development team continues to look for new solutions for biodegradable, recycled, and renewably-based resins. We look for materials that are biodegradable in soil, marine, and home composting environments. A closed-loop recycling stream is an ideal solution, which is why we are testing post-industrial and post-consumer resin and repurposing them back into shrink films.