At FSI, we’re in the business of being your partner. Our film can reduce distribution costs and enhance your product’s image in the marketplace – making you more profitable in both areas.

Our film technology offers numerous advantages. During distribution, film protects the contents of the package while minimizing transport and handling accidents. In the marketplace, film can enhance shelf appeal and improve customer satisfaction. At FSI, we offer a full range of services that are required to support brand recognition in the marketplace, which includes:

PRE-PRODUCTION: We pre-test and pre-measure to ensure the highest quality outcome, while exceeding industry standards in the marketplace. If there’s a change we can make either to improve a printed image or optimize the process overall, we’ll quickly recommend it. It’s simple. We want to exceed your expectations.

CONTRACT PACKAGING: FSI offers flexible and cost effective solutions that save manufacturers from having to invest in costly equipment and personnel. Our machines are capable of running eye-catching color graphics to enhance your image on the retail shelf using superior quality materials.

TEST MARKETING: Put our film solutions to the test and see the advantages with minimal risk. We offer test marketing services for our clients through small package runs. This enables you to test packaging solutions and see firsthand how our premium film performs throughout your distribution process. In addition, test packaging enables you to target a specific group of customers and gauge the materials true effectiveness in the marketplace.

WHITE PLATE TRIAL VERIFICATION / WHITE PLATE TEST: FSI will print your artwork with white ink only to verify various characteristics and ensure your film looks and performs its best once packaged. White plate testing also gives you the flexibility to see exactly where your artwork will be placed and if there are any distortions that may occur, enabling you to make any adjustments necessary prior to full production. 

FILM SLITTER/REWINDER SERVICE: FSI offers a slittler/rewinder service to help customers in cases of film supply emergencies, or when a cost-effective custom film width is needed. We offer a quick turnaround time of just 1 week, and expedited/overnight service is available.

PRODUCTION: Customers are involved in the production process to contribute valuable input in the quality-focused outcome. Your feedback during press approvals and during first-time runs is critcal in the production process. Our operators will match every job to a Quality Control Checklist, and the production leaders will perform job approvals for every setup to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Ongoing quality checks continue throughout each production run to ensure positive results.

SHIPPING: Your package is a valuable investment and that’s why we control the warehouse environment for optimal material conditions. Prior to shipment we make sure your package is correct and delivered in the highest quality conditions you’d expect.

SERVICE AND PARTS SUPPORT PROGRAM: The film program entitles your company to discounts on parts and service on your Polypack equipment. Parts and service are directly contracted to Polypack on behalf of FSI. The Service Support Program allows your company to achieve the very best efficiencies on your Polypack equipment, by purchasing higher quality films at competitive pricing and obtaining free service, parts, and technical training directly from the manufacturer. Contact one of our knowledgeable, dedicated staff for more information.