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Shrink Wrap and Stretch Film

At Film Source International, we are in the business of being your partner. Our shrink film packaging can reduce distribution costs and enhance your product’s image in the marketplace, making you more profitable in both areas.

Our customizable solutions have you covered from polyethylene film to printed shrink film and corrugated material to biodegradable shrink wrap. At FSI, we offer a full range of services that support brand recognition in the marketplace, including shrink wrap, printed shrink Wrap, stretch wrap, and other flexible packaging solutions.

Shrink Wrap:

At FSI, you can expect the highest quality polyolefin, polyethylene, bags, pouches, PVC sleeves, and PVC clear films on the market. Durable yet attractive, our high-clarity and versatile clear flexible shrink wrap are designed with a many needs in mind. We offer various widths, lengths, and gauges to satisfy almost any packaging requirement.

Printed Shrink Film:

FSI provides the highest quality printed shrink wrap, including polyolefin, polyethylene, bags, pouches, PVC sleeves, and PVC films, with a vast array of color options whether you require print-registered shrink film or random printed shrink film, a team of designers design artwork that takes your package to the next level.

Stretch Wrap:

Product manufacturers and distributors use stretch wrap to bind shipping cartons to pallets going to a warehouse/distribution center or once pallets are sent to outlets and customers. FSI offers a full range of flexible stretch films to meet a wide range of needs.

Shrink Film – Slitter Converter
/ Slitter Rewinder:

FSI offers a slitter rewinder machine to help customers in film supply emergencies (or when a custom film width is needed). We provide a quick turnaround time, and expedited/overnight shipping is available.

Quality In Production:

Customers are involved in the production process to contribute valuably. Your feedback during press approvals and first-time runs is critical in the production process. Our operators match every job to a Quality Control Checklist, and the production leaders perform job approvals for every setup. Ongoing quality checks continue throughout each production run to ensure positive results.

Service and Parts Support Program:

Film Source International offers discounts for parts and services on Polypack equipment. The Service Support Program allows your company to achieve the very best efficiencies on your Polypack equipment by purchasing higher quality. Discounts vary based on the amount of film order totals.

Industry Terms

Polyethylene: Polyethylene comes in low density (LDPE), medium density (MDPE), or high density (HDPE). Shrink Wrap uses low density (LDPE) or low linear density (LLDPE), a tougher choice with better heat seal strength but contains more haze. Polyethylene is more cost-effective than other shrink films. It shrinks 50% – 65% machine direction and 0% – 25% transverse direction.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC is more expensive than Polyethylene. PVC is a rigid, stiff, and very clean film. The oriented version is used mainly for shrink film applications. Cleaner than Polyethylene, PVC shrinks at a lower temperature. The shrink is 65% – 75% machine direction and 10% – 30% transverse direction.

Polyolefin: The strength, clarity, and high gloss of Polyolefin make it a good film for retail packaging. It has a very high shrink film in both directions: 50% transverse and 80% machine direction. This is the most expensive among shrink film solutions.

Density: Weight per unit volume. Films with a low density offer more coverage per weight of the film.

Center Folded Film: Film folded in half in the machine direction and then wound into roll form.

Forming Head (Plow): A mechanical device used to shape flat or centerfold film into the desired bag shape needed for a particular package.

Heat Sealing: Joining plastic films by controlled application of heat and pressure to the area being sealed.

Lap Seal: A sealing method, plastic films where the two pieces to be sealed are over-lapped, then heated to form a seal.

Machine Direction (MD): The direction parallel to that taken by the majority of molecules in plastic film or the film web’s direction as it moves through the film-making machine. Also called longitudinal direction.

Shrinkage / Percent Shrink: The decrease in dimension of a film when it is subjected to heat.

Transverse Direction (TD): The direction at right angles to that taken by most molecules in a plastic film or the direction at right angles is taken by the film web as it moves through the film-making machine.


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